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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Bel Gaufre: My first Liège waffle

This was the first Sunday that I wasn't doing any activities hence, I had free time for myself. I decided to go shopping and as I was entering Laurier mall, a sign caught my eye. It was the Bel Gaufre sign with a steaming hot yummy waffle that totally made my eyes and nose bring me to them. 
Bel Gaufre in Laurier
I ordered the chocolate waffle with whipped cream. It was served on a styrofoam plate, which I'm not a fan of. First of all, the plate was kinda too small and it made it hard to cut/eat the waffle. Secondly, it is not environmentally friendly! I would have much appreciated the waffle on a nice ceramic plate, or even a plastic plate.
waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Bel Gaufre sells Liège waffles and they are different from the normal American ones in that they're much denser and sweeter. This was my first time having one and I definitely think I should have gotten a plain one without toppings because it was very sweet.
It was served warm with lots of chocolate sauce. I was looking at my picture (below) and wondering if it looks appetizing. My poor photography skills. To me, it doesn't look great if you glance at it, but it does look yummy after staring at it for a while. Haha. 
Liège waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

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