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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Au Vrai Smoked Meat

The food court in Laurier Shopping Mall is pretty big, but what caught my eyes was the bright red words, "Smoked Meat". Now I know that smoked meat is very popular in Montreal, but I am surprised that there are very few places to eat smoked meat in Quebec City. Since I won't be going to Montreal this time, I decided to try smoked meat at Au Vrai Smoked Meat in the food court.
Au Vrai Smoked Meat in Laurier Shopping Mall
Other than smoked meat sandwiches, Au Vrai Smoked Meat also sells a variety of poutines. I decided to take a break from poutine that day and ordered just a smoked meat sandwich.
smoked meat sandwich
It came on a styrofoam plate, and you probably know how I feel about that from my previous post. I believe that smoked meat is usually served on rye bread with yellow mustard. The bread was very soft, warm, and fresh. This was my first time having smoked meat, so I'm not sure if that is actually how smoked meat is supposed to be, because it was just like ham. I liked the yellow mustard combination with the meat and bread though.
Smoked meat sandwich from Au Vrai
As you can see, it came with plentiful of meat and definitely filled my stomach.

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