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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Le Lapin Sauté

Le Lapin Sauté Menu
My friend convinced me to try rabbit meat while we were in Quebec City. I'm not too courageous when it comes to trying new animals but my friend was a good persuader. We decided to go to Le Lapin Sauté (literally, "The Hopping/Jumping Rabbit") right in Old Quebec.

C'est bon la vie!
Le Lapin Sauté Rabbit Menu
I've passed by this place before and I've seen line ups right outside their restaurant. This place is has a lot of tourists as it is probably one of the most famous restaurants in Quebec City. As we went in the late afternoon, we dodged the line ups. We decided to sit outside as it was a bright and sunny day in Quebec City! They have both English and French versions of the menu so no worries! They have a special rabbit menu as shown in the picture above. Aside from rabbit, they also have other choices such as chicken, salmon, burgers, etc. (I almost chickened out and got chicken instead). 
Fresh bread
After ordering, we had to ask for bread as they don't serve bread unless you ask to prevent waste. I believe it's a different type of bread each day and we got ciabatta that day. It was so fresh and warm - amazingly good with the soft butter. (Bread always tastes better at restaurants...) I thought they could have been more generous as they only gave us 2.
Rabbit pie
I got the rabbit pie and loved every bite of it. It was served with some fresh greens and chutney on the side.

Rabbit pie
The pie crust was warm and crispy. The inside of the pie was filled with potatoes, mushrooms, shallots, and rabbit meat. I concluded that rabbit meat has the texture of duck meat and tastes a big like duck/chicken. I would recommend the rabbit pie for those who would like to try rabbit meat but not in big mouthful chunks.
Rabbit Lasagna with camembert sauce
Pepper from the big carrot

My friend got the Rabbit Lasagna with Camembert sauce. There's rabbit meat in between ever layer of pasta. It came with a white sauce, which was rich and creamy. Before we started our meals, we asked for pepper from the big carrot! I thought it was very creative of them to stick with the rabbit theme.
Inside of Le Lapin Sauté
Overall, it was a very enjoyable meal and our waitress was friendly and patient with our français. I would love to go back and try a different rabbit plate!

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