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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Les Chocolats Favoris

As I've heard a lot about a very good chocolate-dipped soft ice-cream in Lévis, I decided to go with a group. We took the ferry across St. Lawrence River and then walked up a hill to get to our destination, Les Chocolats Favoris. It was a sunny, hot afternoon, and there was a line-up all the way out of the shop but the line actually went pretty fast. As I was in line, I was thinking to myself, how good can ice-cream get? 

The chocolate dipped ice-creams come in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate and in 5 different sizes: bébé, mini, petit, moyen, and gros. Aside from this, there's also a lot of other flavours of ice-cream on their menu as well as sundaes. I got the petit dark chocolate ice-cream, and man, it was huge for petit. They dip it in warm liquid chocolate right in front of you and because ice-cream is cold, the chocolate hardened right away.  After I took a bite, wow, I was completely blown away. It was absolutely the best ice-cream I remember having. 
Dark chocolate dipped ice-cream
The chocolate was rich and went extremely well with the ice-cream. The soft ice-cream inside was heavenly good. Super soft, super creamy, and just full of yumminess.
The soft ice-cream inside was amazing

Deserves another picture!
Definitely worth the trip to Lévis!

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